uve tenuta bonincontro


South East of Sicily: good land for great wines

The generosity of the sun, the embrace of the sea, the traditions of myth and … the goodness of wine. For some years, among the distinctive features useful to tell the story of Sicily, and its various territories, a particular chapter has been given to quality wine production.
Fruit of excellence of that fruitful encounter between a fertile land and loving attentions of man, wine has always found fertile soil on this Island. Because here, more than elsewhere, the warm but breezy climate and the variety of the soil have offered the best growing conditions to the vine. And because here, more than elsewhere, in the last twenty years, from the production of wines for blending, it has finally been bet on the creation of valuable labels, capable of being appreciated on national (and international) markets.

The organic wines of Tenuta Bonincontro also contribute to this challenge.

Recently built in that corner in the South East of Sicily – rich in culture and farming, entrepreneurship and humanity, natural beauty and fields cultivated with respectTenuta Bonincontro was born with the aim to add professionalism, passion and know how to that process of continuous quality improvement of the oenological product of the south east of Sicily..

For this reason, to wine lovers and their story, each bottle of Tenuta Bonincontro gives the flavors and knowledge of that revolution undertaken by those who chose to put themselves at the service of the territory, to use its goodies with humility and foresight, transforming them into an emotional and practical path together.

Emotions and effort, promotion and production: this is where the routes of that sustainable and viable, natural and lasting development that Tenuta Bonincontro has chosen to travel pass. First of all, focusing on organic production of wines, that is, coming from vines that favor the relationship with the territory and the nature that surrounds them; finally pursuing the objective of preserving, respecting and promoting the Hyblean Land and what it produces.

in Sicily, between culture, natural beauty and cultivated fields


The organoleptic characteristics of the autochthonous vines (Nero d’Avola, Frappato di Vittoria, Grillo), the favourable climatic conditions in which they grow, the passion (i.e. the faces, the hands, the stories and the daily effort) of the winemakers who take care of them: these are the peculiarities that are revealed in wines of Tenuta Bonincontro. That has made organic wine production a daily choice to be followed with conviction, even before a brand with which to promote its image.

Strengthened by the millennial Sicilian wine tradition, Tenuta Bonicontro is a company in full evolution, ready to invest in research and innovation: in new cultivation techniques, in modern vinification and bottling procedures, in the enhancement of the territory. While remaining firm in the belief that the purity of the land, the naturalness of the processing and a production of value are necessary conditions for offering fine wines.

Organic wines with an excellent quality-price ratio, capable of combining novelty and tradition and capable of releasing, in each glass, that unmistakable bouquet given by the culture of work and the fertility of the Hyblean territory.