Among the sea, Hyblean'sTenuta Bonincontro

Within a little corner of Sicily located between the sea and the Hyblean hills, a rich place in culture, history and traditions.

A sunny and friendly place, so generous as well its farmed valley in line with the secular traditions

Tenuta Bonincontro was born in this place to reach its goals among which the continuous improvement of the sud east Sicilian winemaking and viticulture.



Our winery was born in a fertile land embraced by the sea and warmed by the sun. In this place, the human job meets the one of nature to reach excellence.


We've learned from the Sicilian winemaking tradition, believed in the research, improvement and development of our territory too. In this way, we've become who we are, since 2004 we're Tenuta Bonincontro.


ABOUT US the company

The Sicilian winemaking tradition gives to us great knowledge and Tenuta Bonincontro has started to that improving and develop itself every time, investing in new farming techniques and modern winemaking process as well vinification and bottling never forget the promotion or our territory. Furthermore, we mainly believe that the goodness of the ground and the crafted production are necessary conditions to give a prestigious wine.


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Contrada Bonincontro Vittoria, Ragusa, 97019