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Tenuta Bonincontro

about US

We want to mix tradition and tech thereof used to improve all of the teachings and experiences passed on generations. Our heritage is focused on the techniques of vinification and also care for vines and nature. We love nature like our ancestors, we are aware that we’re linked to nature and rely on it.

WHAT WE 're doing

we have chosen Sustainability
and ORGANIC farming

Organic farming, biodiversity and sustainability aren’t a trademark to enrich our label. We believe instead that care for the natural environment is essential to ensure an excellent product. We use best practices to maintain a well-balanced number of animals and plant varieties that live within our estate, ’cause biodiversity isn’t just a sum of species but mutual coexistence in the process of evolution.

a land, its traditions, its people


Keeper of Time

care for our TRADITIONS

We’re focused on combining tradition with technology, placing the latter at the service of the teachings and experiences handed down from generation to generation. In addition to the winemaking techniques, the practices for the care of the vineyards we inherited a deep sense of respect for the natural environment. Like our ancestors, we love and respect nature and we are aware that we depend on it and are linked to it. On the basis of these principles we make fine wines while maintaining an excellent value for money.

Go ahead improving and developing

A generous sun, the embrace of the sea, the traditions and myths of our land and then the goodness of the wine. Nowadays, can’t talk about Sicily leaving aside the huge varieties of its production areas from which come a prestigious and quality wine. 




keeping HERITAGE

We want our wines to best represent our territory, scents and scents, character leads back to this land. The quality-price ratio, the blend between novelty and tradition distinguishes our wines.

a land, its traditions, its people