"Typical is what is recognizable of a territory". And among the many products, wine is the one that can best describe a territory. Because in the vine plant, in its ancient charm, in the tiring beauty of its processing, are reflected the pristine nature and the hand of man.
Tenuta Bonicontro, committed to the enhancement of the Hyblean territory, is dedicated daily to the processing of the fine native vines, capable of expressing the strength and character of these soils, and in the production of organic wines .
In the harmonious respect for nature and according to the philosophy of organic cultivation, Tenuta Bonincontro takes care of Nero d'Avola and Frappato, from which both Nero d'Avola and Frappato are obtained in purity, and also D.O.C.G. Cerasuolo di Vittoria in blend. They are also joined by the Grillo, a traditional vine of western Sicily, which has been able to take root perfectly even in the Hyblean lands.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico D.O.C.G.


Unique to Sicily, this wine is a typical from the region and shows a classic representation true to tradition.
50% Frappato and 50% Nero d’Avola, the color of cherries from the name, Cerasuolo presents an intense and persistent bouquet reminiscent of the flavors of red berry and floral notes.
Light red, fragrant and balanced on the palate accompanied by balanced acidity, the Frappato gives a pleasant freshness. The soft tannins of the Nero d’Avola supports the structure and enjoyable flavors.
A great pairing with antipasto, roast and stews and with fish dishes. A very versatile wine.

Nero d'Avola


In the southeast part of Sicily, where the sea breeze contributes to the characteristics of this wine our organic Nero d’Avola is born with all its unique characteristics. With its strong character and antique origins, from the province of Siracusa in the comune of Avola, Nero d’Avola has been always cultivated around the beautiful sunny hills of the Hyblaean Mountains and it is presently cultivated in our vineyards in the province of Ragusa.
It is characterized by the beautiful and deep ruby red color and profound and intense bouquet of spices and red berry fruits. The taste has full enjoyable tannins and a velvet palate, it is warm and clean. Perfect pairing with red eat or stews, fresh and mature cheeses and salami.



The Mediterranean sun and the red sandy soil in the territory of Vittoria give ideal elements to this ancient grape. The name Frappato, coming from the word ‘fruity’, has typical and delicate red berry fruit flavors which continue on the palate with soft texture and lively acidity.
Vinified simply to preserve the beauty of the delicate Frappato flavors with its transparency and violet fresh aromas on the nose.
To keep with the tradition of Ragusa, drinking this wine young is ideal and matches perfectly with the traditional dishes of Ragusa, vegetable or fish cous cous, simple pastas, tomatoes based dishes, grilled fish and of course cheese and salami.



Our organic version of Grillo is made to express its freshness and simple deliciousness and produced to be a fresh young white wine.
Harvested in the second half of September it has a deep yellow color. The bouquet has tyical white flowers aroma of citrus fruit, intense and elegant. It is fresh and dry with balanced acidity, rich in minerality and sapidity with a velvety and creamy taste.

Nero d'Avola

Bonincontro ND web

Nero d'Avola is the most characteristic of Sicilian red wines.
Intense red color, ample and fruity aroma, strong taste with spicy notes.
Ideal for meats and cheeses, it should be served at a temperature of 16-18 ° C.


Syrah Tenuta Bonincontro

Syrah is an international grape that in Sicily, among our red lands, has found favorable conditions for its presence. It has an intense red color, elegant aromas of ripe red berry fruit and soft and harmonious flavors with delicate notes of vanilla due to aging in wood. Ideal with cold cuts and roast meats.


Bonincontro Grillo web

Grillo is a straw yellow wine with a fine and persistent bouquet.
The pleasant and vibrant acidity accompanies an aromatic and persistent fruit.
Ideal with fries or fish based roasts, it should be served at 10-12 ° C.